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A Warm Welcome to Prolindo

A Team for you

Prolindo is a team at the Lindenhof Group (Lindenhof Hospital, Sonnenhof Hospital, Engeried Hospital) that cooperates in a binding and complementing way to treat cancer-illnesses (oncology) and blood- illnesses (haematology). The team works closely together with specialists of diverse subject areas inside and outside the Lindenhof Group and with the referring general practitioners.

How you can contact us

Onkologie-und hamatologie-team
am linden hofspital

Bremgartenstrasse 117
3001 Bern

What you can expect from us

We do everything to offer a competent, all-embracing and holistic treatment and care. Our services include everything from diagnostic clarifications to carrying out therapies to personal follow-up care and counselling.

For us the entire personality of our patients on their specific and individual paths is our main focus. It is our utmost concern to find the best way for them.

What you can find in this homepage

This homepage is meant to give you an impression of our services and of our way of working. But this information cannot replace a personal talk. You can ask for a personal talk with us, for an individual consultation, a treatment or for a second opinion any time.

Prolindo, Oncology- and Haematology-Team at Lindenhof Hospital

Bremgartenstrasse 117 CH-3001 Berne, Switzerland • Tel. +41 (0)31 302 15 50 Fax +41 (0)31 302 15 51 E-Mail: prolindo@lindenhofgruppe.ch